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HyMeAir now presents a sensational new invention which will give the world virtually free energy and possible free of emissions from manmade carbon dioxide. Nano Towers which simply filters out all the clean energy that the air contains. Nano Towers will save our world.

Nature, water, animals, millions of people and children, now hit by climate change. Latest news: The whole World’s, and Your Company’s dream has come true. Carbon dioxide-free air! No one needs to worry about fossil energy, anymore. New outstanding CCS technology.

The world faces two enormous threats! Climate Change, but the huge danger before humanity is the Energy Threat.

Climate change and energy problems have already begun to afflict humanity, and these will quickly become much worse.

Briefly, how does Nano Towers work?

About energy and energy sources.

Criticism of HyMeAir and the invention.

Current energy sources, problems and volumes.

Everything is energy, even the air around us, so why not make use of the vast amounts of energy in the air?

Forget the climate threat. Forget the energy crisis. Forget extreme poverty. Finally, we can start working together to try quickly to leave behind the dismal, threatening world of today and move towards a new, hopeful, bright blue future.

Many people dream about saving the world, which is why they start frantically recycling and sorting waste. There is now a realistic opportunity to save the world.

Nano Towers – what would one look like and how would it work?

Nano Towers, prototypes, a few technical challenges.

Nano Towers, so simple solution, why haven’t anyone done this before?

Nanotechnology, wind and the air we breathe represent mankind’s only opportunity for salvation.

Naturally, if you make a gift today to develop Nano Towers you will be a HyMeAir V.I.P. – forever.

At an average wind speed of 10 meters per second, filters a square meter filter 315 million cubic meters in a year.

Risks and challenges

The air we breathe contains more than 100 times as much energy as the energy that a wind turbine can extract from the wind.

This is the cheapest investment (risk) ever to become one of the world´s richest companies. A new renewable energy source will give the world virtually free clean energy. Nano Towers, which simply filter and store all the energy that air contains. Do you take the chance to be outside?

The amount of methane and hydrogen in normal air via Nano Towers.

The composition of the air.

The world’s (your) approximate energy costs?

The world’s GDP is only USD 75,000 billion per year. Why does it cost such an incredible amount to convert to wind energy and solar energy – USD 375,000 billion?

There are plenty of inventions that have come about by chance.

Together we can eradicate extreme poverty. Extremely cheap energy offers mankind a unique opportunity to improve the world. Here are a few of my thoughts and ambitions, alongside HyMeAirs gas towers project.

Why drill, pump, excavate, break up and poison our natural environment and atmosphere in order to get energy? All the energy we need is actually in the very air we breathe.

Wind turbines, solar cells and wood burning will not save the world. These types of energy are utopian. People realised this way back in the Middle Ages.

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