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Everything is energy, even the air around us, so why not make use of the vast amounts of energy in the air?

To use Nano Towers with nano filters to extract vast energy assets out of the air. To use a nano sheet, e.g. graphene, to filter methane and hydrogen out of the air when the wind blows.

To make use of the vast, climate-safe and storable energy volumes in the air.

We could acquire virtually free energy; your purchasing power could increase enormously.

You might be thinking that this sounds absolutely incredible, is it really possible?

The air contains oxygen, which we human beings breathe, it contains carbon dioxide, which plants and trees breathe, but it also contains other energy such as methane and hydrogen.

The air in a typical living room weighs around 100 kilos. These 100 kilos represent energy.

Why not make use of the vast amounts of methane and hydrogen in the air?

This invention, Nano Towers, will just be your and your children’s, in fact the whole world’s best hope and maybe our only chance – ever.

This unique invention, Patent Pending, PCT SE2016/050491 in 148 countries, will replace all other cheap energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas, and of course also the very expensive energy from wind farms, solar cells and biofuels.

Nano Towers will also give you and everyone else in the world much greater purchasing power, resolve the climate threat, provide us with clean water and improve global environments, as well as eradicating extreme poverty. You will soon be able to fill up your car in an environment-friendly way for a couple of dollars.

Using the same basic technology, Nano Towers, we can also be able to filter away the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that we want to be rid of.

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