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About HyMeAir

HyMeAir AB is a new Swedish company. The business is based on a new innovation, Nano Towers, Patent Pending in 148 countries. An innovation that might eliminate the upcoming energy crises, at the same time give the world very low energy prices and eliminate the man-made climate change.

About the inventor and founder of HyMeAir AB.

Hello, my name is Claes Persson (Claes W Persson) and I am 73 years old.
Following earlier jobs in areas such as industry, healthcare, the Swedish Air Force flight academy and as a police.
Since 1968 I have chosen to dedicate my life to running companies, a couple of dozen companies. In that time I have succeeded in providing work for almost 2,000 people.
Of course not all my companies succeeded but many of my companies were successful.
A couple of companies were even quite ground-breaking.

In my first company, Lottaperuker, I developed a wig manufacturing business in South Korea. I imported and then sold these products through our own outlets in Sweden and through agents and mail order. The company became a major success in a short time.

The IT companies Impdata and Lap Power, the latter of which was publicly listed, were fast-growers. Lap Power was even named Sweden’s fastest-growing company and Swedish Stock Exchange Company Winner on the Stockholm Stock Exchange for a couple of years in the 1990s.

The company ICCM was a development company that founded the world’s first factory for the production of low-radiation monitors (Taiwan) in the late 1980s. As ICCM technology was unique at the time, initially we had “all” the major companies around the world as customers, including IBM, but despite this global interest, ICCM was only a modest financial success.

The company Wellton Way was not a financial success, quite the opposite, but it was still a pioneering company that concluded an agreement in 2001 to use my patent US 7,812,823 B2, which included the kind of “icon buttons” now found in all smart TVs and smart phones.
Intel, Microsoft and other global companies showed a major interest in the early 2000s in trying to take advantage of Wellton Way and my newly-created “button technology”.
I naturally could not afford to initiate legal proceedings against all of these giant global companies that were infringing my patent.

In 1994 I published a little book about the Internet and the future.
Computers were fairly new devices and few people understood the future significance of the Internet. 200,000 copies of this little book were published in Sweden. I gave away the publishing rights for free to all who asked, so the book was quickly translated into several languages. Companies and organisations, armed forces and police forces, universities and schools all over the world used the book as an educational aid.

Now my working days are a little shorter, just about 10-12 hours.

My interest in social debate has meant that I often think about what you can actually do in practice to “solve the world’s problems”. For many years, for example, I have been thinking about how we could produce hydrogen in a simple, cheap way – a thorny problem.

It was these thoughts about hydrogen, combined with my amazement and engagement about all the untruths in the climate debate and several years of research; that gave me the idea of the invention of Nano Towers to extract hydrogen and methane.

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