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Nature’s vast source of energy is – fresh air!

You yourself, a stone and everything else in the entire universe consist of energy. Our problem is how to release this energy so that it serves our purposes, to convert the vast amount of “trapped” energy in nature into energy that heats, cools, lights or can be used as a practical fuel for cars and other things. Similarly we do not want energy extraction and combustion to cause environmental damage or climate change, or to be dangerous.

Wind, sunshine, oil, coal, natural gas, running water and trees that can be burned, all contain energy that mankind can in more or less simple or expencie ways convert to meet its needs.

Your nearest source of energy is the air you breathe. Not only can wind power drive turbines and yachts, the air itself contains plenty of energy. The hydrogen and methane in the air are simple, extremely cheap, easily convertible energy sources. The question was simply how to best make use of all this energy?

HyMeAir is now announcing an invention that shows how we can solve all of the world’s energy problems, and how we can eliminate fear of the climate threat.

This is the biggest discovery and energy invention since we began to extract coal, oil and natural gas.

We can use large Nano Towers with nano filters to quite simply filter out the methane and hydrogen that normal air contains. The air in a living room weighs 100 kilos. This mass contains energy, including the oxygen we breathe and the carbon dioxide that plants and tress breathe, as well as methane and hydrogen. These gases can provide us with all the energy that mankind need, energy that will replace all other energy, energy that is clean or that can easily be cleaned.

The climate threat will disappear as a footnote in all of mankind’s prophecies of doom, everything from Noah’s alarm about too much clean water to present-day climate failure.

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