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We at HyMeAir believe and hope that a very large number of people will be interested in and curious about our proposal to use Nano Towers to “Save the world”, to significantly improve the purchasing power of everyone and to eradicate the climate threat. The hope is that many people will support HyMeAir’s project.    If there is a high level of interest, HyMeAir might perhaps initially not have sufficient resources to handle everyone who wants to get in touch with HyMeAir; we are at present a rather small company. We would therefore hope for your understanding if this occurs.Telephone contacts, for example, might be difficult for HyMeAir to handle initially; we therefore have limited telephone hours. We will, however, use our website to provide information, as well as trying to reply to frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have any urgent information, you can contact us via our usual email form here. General telephone hours will initially be Mondays–Fridays 14:00–15:00 (2.00 p.m.–3.00 p.m.). NB: CET = Central European Time.

Phone: +46705623980

If you are a technician and/or a scientist, in a few months HyMeAir will be creating a community for ideas and technology, primarily to capture ideas about how we might best optimise the efficiency in Nano Towers with the aid of nano filters. If you already seriously believe that you can make a professional contribution to the development of technology, construction, industrial design and/or anything else of major significance for Nano Towers, you can register your interest here and now; click here, HyMeAir will contact you later.

Large companies, institutions and investors who might be interested in collaborating with HyMeAir can submit a brief description and registration of their interest here

Mass media can describe and register their interest here

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