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The final solution of energy crises
and climate change!

New research will save the world from climate change and the upcoming energy crisis.

HyMeAir published now new research based on elementary physics and atomic physics. The innovation means that we in an easy way to through the combination of air, wind power, and the latest nano-filter technology, filtering, takes care of all of the air’s energy molecules, hydrogen, and methane, via ”Nano Towers.” It is a scientific fact that the air we breathe contains all the energy the world needs.

Air energy is cleaner and incredibly cheap to exploit, compared with oil, gas, and coal. We can eradicate extreme poverty. Very low energy prices will help the world to get unlimited amounts of clean water. Your family’s standard of living can increase significantly.

We no longer need to dig, drill or otherwise ruin our globe in order to obtain energy. We do not need to use extremely expensive and inefficient wind turbines, solar energy or wood to produce ”renewable” energy.

The same filtering technique can be used to filter out carbon dioxide, which means that we within a few years in an easy way to can reduce the carbon dioxide content to the level that we deem appropriate.

UN climate meetings, certificates, special energy taxes, wind, solar and bio fuels are now completely obsolete. Climate change due to carbon dioxide can be stopped. The Paris summit, the total cost was about USD 1000 million.

Some people, FN, media, and others react without any reflection. ”Air energy is impossible. It can not be so crazy simple to solve the world’s the world’s biggest problems?” You and I know and the history show that these people and their leaders almost always been wrong.

The climate conference in Rio in 1992 and the sequel to Kyoto in 1997 ruled that the world should reduce greenhouse gasses by 5 % until 2008/2010. The effect has been the opposite. We use more and more fossil energy.

The World invests trillions to counteract human emissions of carbon dioxide and introduce the ”renewable energy.” We now know that all efforts are a shameful failure. In a few years, carbon dioxide concentration has increased from 350 ppm to over 400 ppm. After each UN climate conference, climate gasses has grown explosively, + 15% compared to 1992, the largest and fastest increase ever. Why do we continue to support the destruction of humanity and the Earth? UN act now, no more festivals around the world, start building Nano Towers.

The IMF notes that the UN major failure cost US $ 6300 billion in 2014, a full six percent of the world’s income, health and other welfare. The prices are now increasing uncontrollably.

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Everyone expects that ”New technology” will solve the problems. ”New technology”?

The new technology can not be windmills, solar rays, and wood, this technology failed in the Middle Ages. Today we have not one percent more ”renewable energy” than we had in 1992, still 13% despite the massive investment in expensive energy, wind, solar and bio fuels. This expensive energy has become not only an incredibly subsidized global industry, but also a whole new ”world religion.” Wind turbine probably emits more greenhouse gasses than fossil fuels: To build, maintain, operate, and scrapped after 20 years! Each normal person must feel desperation and hopelessness: The UN, each new day, with fool’s insistence, bet on it that did not work yesterday, which did not work the day before yesterday, that is not going to work tomorrow, amazing.

The truly serious disaster strikes us already within 15-30 years – energy prices.

Instead of the rapid growth that we have become accustomed to over the past 150 years, will we within 15-30 years see accelerated poverty. We know already that cheap oil, cheap gas, and to some extent also cheap coal, will soon run out. It is well known that Saudi Arabia has already begun to take the height before the dramatic change. Raw energy, oil, gas and coal currently costs $ 0.03 per kWh; they represent more than 80% of world energy consumption. Although we know that the cheap oil and gas will soon run out, we increase production – oil is now close to 100 million barrels (159 litres) / day. Wind, solar and bio fuels cost at least four times more. Despite all the mass media articles constitute this energy only 1% of the world’s energy consumption. Britain has just signed a nuclear energy agreement, assuring investors at least US $ 0.13 per kWh, four times higher price than the current cheapest energy. The facts are all new arrangements relating to the wind, solar, biomass and nuclear power show clearly that tomorrow’s economic ”death sentence” approaching lightning speed.

Energy costs will quickly rise from around 13% of world GDP to 50%. What then? Cheap today will be very expensive tomorrow; everything contains energy. Transports, water, light, housing, food, heating, clothes, everything, will be much more expensive, while incomes decrease. Soon it will be difficult to survive. The next explosive increases in energy have nothing to do with inflation; we become poor. Many of us will not even afford to buy food. The people who long to return to ”old times” will be heard, our lives will quickly be thrown back to medieval squalor.

You and your kids will soon get to experience something that the world is not experienced in the last 150 years since Williams ”discovered” oil. After the discoveries of cheaper oil and gas suddenly became world growth each year huge. This unique high growth will cease abruptly, much faster than it occurred, already within 15-30 years. The oil does not end but will be much more expensive to produce. The effect is likely to be tragic and violent.

An accident rarely comes alone. We will all be poor when energy prices quadrupled. At the same time the world population increase to more than 10 billion, + 50%, new young consumers. When you and the other people who are accustomed to become richer with each passing year, instead, in a few years, will become more and poorer what will happen between people?

Climate change caused by humans is probably dangerous; no one knows for sure how much, or when? It is likely that global fossil fuel emissions, 40 billion tons of CO2 per year, affect the climate, but how? What we certainly know is that quadruple energy costs in a few years will trigger disasters, even in democratic countries which today are relatively stable. Today’s refugee flows, political clout, Brexit, conflicts, and wars will likely be a breeze compared to what we all soon be forced to experience.

Our world must quickly find a brand new, a vast and relatively clean source of energy. One possible solution is to immediately begin using the new research that utilizes all the energy, the hydrogen and methane gas present in the air we breathe, to use wind power together with modern technology, nano- and graph filter. This innovation can solve all our enormous problems. Normal air contains, scientific fact, all the energy humanity needs. Also is the cost of this energy at best a fraction of today’s energy and will help us to the eradication of extreme poverty.

You’re, your children, future of the world need not be a disaster within 15-30 years. The future may instead be cleaner and more brilliant than ever. We do not need to defend ourselves against other poor people to stay alive, but we must act quickly. Since we know that everything we have done so far, everything we have invested thousands of billions in, now is about to worsen everything that we care about, maybe we should start thinking about this?

To develop innovation that HyMeAir presented is fast and very cheap. We must immediately start taking advantage of this new research to save the world. The solution is available today, the huge energy source – the air. It is a scientific fact that the air we breathe contains all the energy humanity needs. Costs for quick, simple development of this new technology is not about billion, a maximum of US $ 10 millions – in the context of this, it is ”coffee money,” also, it will go fast, at most a few years. Nano filtration is now known technology: Nano filtration is used today, for example, to filter out the dangerous molecules from water. (The cost for the Paris summit, the festival, was USD 1000 million!)

Of course, I have a personal interest to see that ”Nano Towers” will be the world’s salvation. But most important for me is that humanity ceases the trek toward certain destruction, which together we instead build a secure future. As a relatively jaded 73-year-old, I have mainly lived the life entirely.

Gandhi: ”First They ignore you, then They laugh at you, then They fight you, then you win.”

The hope is, of course, that this process should not take as long as it took for Gandhi. I hope that you, your children and the humanity will win. There is a rush to find a new one, a huge energy source. Claes Persson

Climate change is soon defeated! Sensational innovation will capture carbon dioxide in a "trap". The climate threat is thus eliminated.

Today, the day after tomorrow, every second, kills climate change the nature, water, animals and people.

Millions of children are hit. But soon you'll never more need to worry about your life, your kids, or our world. The whole World's, and Your Company's dream has come true. Human-made carbon dioxide-free air, e.g. reduced from 400ppm to 300ppm.

It is a well-known fact (but hidden) that the wind, solar, wood, and batteries, unfortunately, will not be able to save the world's energy consumption.

This kind of energy sources, require massive amounts of energy: to be built, materials, to be operated, and scrapped!

BP Statistics 2015, world consumption: Coal, oil, gas 86% (increasing), hydroelectric and nuclear 11%, bio fuel 2%, "renewable" wind power and solar only 1%!

You, your family and the world, can now easily and quickly be saved to enjoy a bright, prosperous and clean future.

Fossil energy and greenhouse gasses is no longer a problem. But we need to get rid of all "green charlatans" who deliberately, for money, or out of ignorance, prevents survival of humanity. The UN and the world have finally gotten the technology we hoped for. Now, the UN can quickly begin to save human and animal lives.

All the "Good Green Organizations," Love and Applauds this Life-Saving Innovation.

All "green organizations," at least those who care about nature, clean water, animals and people, will, of course, do everything they can to save you and the world, with the help of HyMeAirs innovation.

The sketch below shows HyMeAirs carbon dioxide "trap" which with the help of wind and graphene filter directly, captures CO2 and N2O, from the air.

A fantastic innovation which means that CCS-technology, will become simple, cheap and very efficient.

HyMeAir has begun a collaboration with a research group at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to quickly give you and the whole world a bright, clean future.

Soon, we can use this technology to reduce the greenhouse gasses to the level deemed appropriate by the Paris Agreement of the United Nations. That will save the world from the perils of global climate change.

The climate change costs are enormous, $ 7,000 billion per year!

The IMF has estimated that all costs, such as tax paid to support for wind power, solar power, biofuels and batteries, indirect and direct subsidies, certificates, allowances, many, many targeted punitive taxes against fossil energy, carbon footprint, and climate change itself, about $7,000 billion per year. An average of $1,000 per year per person in the world!

With the HyMeAir unique greenhouse gasses captured "trap," the whole world can continue to use unlimited amounts of fossil energy, without affecting the climate.

All people in the world will also, on average, get $ 1000 in additional net income every year, according to IMF figures.

The research team, who are experts on graphene, lead by one professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and the inventor Claes Persson.

The simple initial test succeeded in separating energy gas hydrogen, the smallest existent molecule. We are now in the follow-up phase of more stringent, scientific testing. Further, also increase the efficiency of graphene filter, and at the same time make proto-types. We estimate that this product development should be completed 2018-2019.

The world's top priority is the climate change, fossil fuels, and energy sources.

Money is not the world's problem. With full support from UN and others, who care about humanity, we expect that we already in 2020-2022 can assist some large enterprises, who want to be the world leading companies in future, to start building full-scale plants.


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Nature’s vast source of energy is – fresh air!

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Nano Towers, so simple solution, why haven’t anyone done this before?

The air we breathe contains more than 100 times as much energy as the energy that a wind turbine can extract from the wind.

The amount of methane and hydrogen in normal air via Nano Towers.

There are plenty of inventions that have come about by chance.

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