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No More Poor

Together we can eradicate extreme poverty. Extremely cheap energy offers mankind a unique opportunity to improve the world. Here are a few of my thoughts and ambitions, alongside HyMeAirs gas towers project. Register your interest by sending me your email address at:

Virtually free energy and elimination of the climate threat through the invention of Nano Towers, in combination with your contribution and that of HyMeAir is an important step, but this step does not mean that we have solved all of mankind’s major problems.

We have other problems that we must actively try to solve in one way or another. One enormous problem at present is, for example, extreme poverty. Right now there are almost one billion people living on less than USD 1.50 per day. Others can earn USD 1.5 million per day.

We must do something about extreme poverty as soon as possible, not just from a humanitarian perspective, but also to avoid future conflicts.

We all use energy every day, and rich people sometimes use thousands of times more energy than the poor. In broad terms, it appears that the richest 10% in the world consume more than 50% of the world’s energy per year.

One thought is that when Nano Towers start to operate at a sufficiently high level of efficiency to replace all other kinds of energy in the world at significantly lower prices than today, we should seize this historic opportunity to carry out a major redistribution of wealth from the richer to the poorer.

Everyone would benefit from this, both rich and poor.

This would be a unique opportunity to carry out a redistribution of wealth at a time when everyone, both rich and poor, achieves greater purchasing power at a stroke.

The rich and the middle class would not suffer, in fact the opposite is true, they would benefit the most, as they are the ones who use the most energy and would enjoy significantly reduced energy costs, bringing far greater purchasing power than they have today.

The concept for such a unique turning point, in the transition to virtually free energy, is to artificially increase the extremely low price from, for example, USD 0.001 to USD 0.02 for each kWh generated via Nano Towers, a kind of international “licence fee”.

These funds would have to be collected separately, in an energy fund independent of individual states, which four times a year shares out exactly the same amount, around USD 125, to every single person on earth via a bank card to which the funds are credited.

All adults and children on earth would then receive this extra surcharge of almost USD 0.02 per kWh. In other words, the price of energy would not increase by USD 0.02, since all of the money collected has to be repaid to everyone.

Such a system would, however, involve a large, automatic redistribution of money from the richest, those who consume a lot of energy, to the poorest. The rich, who consume a lot of energy, would still be the biggest winners as energy prices would fall from around USD 0.06 to 0.02 per kWh.
The really poor, the one billion people who do not consume any energy of note, those with an income below USD 1.50 per day, would then be able to achieve a major increase in purchasing power, not driven by inflation.

The poorest would double their “income” in one fell swoop, without the rich and the middle class noticing this redistribution; quite the reverse, everything would at the same time become much cheaper for the rich as well.

At current energy consumption levels, everyone in the world would receive an actual payment of USD 500 per year. A poor and/or rich family with two children would get back almost USD 2,000 per year, USD 5 per day.

One billion extremely poor people would have twice as much money to live on. This could be compared to a “Robin Hood” redistribution of wealth.

This system should exist totally independent of everything else, national taxes, etc., and be managed by an independent, small yet effective, global UN body, with two simple rules: to collect USD 0.02 as efficiently as possible for every kWh produced in the world, and then as efficiently as possible to distribute this total in exactly equal shares to every individual in the world.

We must all become more aware and start to realise that in the space of one decade the world has changed in a way that mankind has never before experienced.

The world has become increasingly global and transparent since the year 2000. We are all becoming increasingly dependent on one another. Sooner or later most national decisions now affect all other states and their people. This explosive trend will inevitably move faster and faster.

The importance of individual countries and individual leaders will decline in a way that we, and above all our leaders, have perhaps not yet fully understood. At the moment, and probably for the next generation, we are in a complex transitional phase, which for natural reasons leads to major confusion. The importance of age-old political and religious gatherings is waning, and will quickly wane even further; the more the world becomes increasingly accessible to all through the increasingly rapid explosion of communication. Everyone will know “everything” about “everyone”.

As we see the next generation shift and the trend for global explosion in physical, automated and electronic communication, it is probable that individuals will increasingly turn to their own small sphere of private faith, private community, their origin and their own private interests. This kind of trend will probably take place at the same time as everyone will inevitably be embraced and nurtured by “The World Community”. We will probably become more and more dual in our outlook, living in “two different worlds”.

It is high time we tried to keep up with the major changes that we are experiencing right now and will, ever more quickly and inevitably, continue to experience.

One of the biggest immediate dangers is that as a result of this trend we are in the process of fragmenting the world, with even greater differences between the super-rich and the extremely poor. This is and will remain a huge problem, but it is one that we can start to eradicate together, without causing excessive conflicts in distribution, when Nano Towers start to deliver clean, virtually free energy.

Do you want to become involved, not only in HyMeAir’s Nano Towers, but also in how we can realistically and beneficially distribute income from the rich and super-rich to the poorest people of all?

A good idea and clear insight are one thing, trying to implement changes is totally different. Implementation requires patience, major global engagement and resources, your engagement. In addition to my invention of Nano Towers, I am also interested in existential issues, e.g. how we could eradicate extreme poverty in a seamless way, without causing major conflicts. Carrying out the project I have described above is not easy; there will need to be a lot of us, a very large number of voices to make ourselves heard. I am happy to gather voices, your voice and those of many others, to start creating opinion.

If you are interested in eradicating extreme poverty in the near future, start by sending me your email address at:

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