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Nano Towers, prototypes, a few technical challenges.

Much of the technical and construction expertise that already exists can be used. Technology and expertise for processes relating to methane and hydrogen already exist; many are on the way, although there are of course still a number of technical adaptations and detailed challenges to resolve, perhaps including these:

Choose optimal construction techniques, towers, balloons, a combination of towers and balloons or other structures. Choose suitable construction material. Various prototype buildings.

Optimise gas intake, initial space for the captured gas.

Optimise wind direction/capture technology.

Optimise efficiency versus air captured from the wind, e.g. corrugated nano profiles.

Managing storage of large volumes of gas every day inside the Nano Tower.

A possible separation of, for example, helium and hydrogen via different filters, catalysis processes and other known and future adapted technology.

Various systems for converting gas into electricity, fuel cells, compression, etc.

Optimise the combustion and cleaning of gas, conversion into electricity on site.

Optimise methods of transport/distribution.

Optimise operation and maintenance, e.g. several Nano Towers within the same area.

Bring together energy gas towers, carbon dioxide towers in Nano Tower parks.

Possible sheets for coarse particles such as leaves, etc., polymer sheet or similar.

Cleaning systems. According to scientists nano filters are self-cleaning.


According to scientists nano filters are self-cleaning, but other materials in the gas tower may require de-icing methods. Lightning conductors. Analyse operation and maintenance requirements and suitable technology for this.

Various other technical solutions.

Such challenges and optimisation solutions must of course be developed by professionals, technicians and specialists in the various fields.  As always when new technology is presented, this Nano Towers project will also create new development and new consequential patents.

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