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Criticism of HyMeAir and the invention.

Mark Twain: It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble; it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Inventions and discoveries are by their very nature things of which people were unaware before the invention or discovery is presented.

Inventing something that no one has ever done or understood before has never escaped criticism. We are essentially conservative and feel secure with what we already know.

To invent a solution that will save the world.

It is clear that HyMeAir, the invention and the inventor will attract criticism. We must have a great understanding of the background to the criticism and the critics.

Millions of people engaged in environmental organisations, the UN and journalists, people who make their living from “crises”, those who are supporters of wind, solar and biofuels, will react. Many of these people may find it very difficult to change their unshakable faith, conviction and their sources of income; they may find it extremely awkward to be forced to change their “platform”.

Tens of thousands of accredited attendees of climate summits, etc., those who receive their salaries, travel and funding “thanks to the climate threat” will presumably react.

Even more, millions of people who work in sectors that currently receive their income in various ways via conventional energy technologies and types of energy such as wind, sun, wood, water, oil, gas, coal and uranium, may criticise HyMeAirs Nano Towers. We have to understand this. These people will of course do this as part of their natural struggle to keep their jobs.

People, companies and states that have invested large sums of money in traditional energy sources and the latest kinds of expensive energy sources such as biofuels, wind energy and solar energy will also be affected. This may have a financial impact on many people. New developments have always changed the conditions. Most people, who invested, however, were aware that an investment always involves a major risk. These investors were of course prepared to lose their whole investment the very instant they made it.

For states and powerful energy companies that own major energy assets in oil, gas, coal, wood and water, energy that is much cheaper and better will change all the conditions. These countries must now quickly create new goals, change their sources of income, while at the same time energy will become much cheaper – even in these countries.

You can also assume that many different stakeholder groups of “like-minded” scientists, politicians and journalists will join forces to set up a “campaign” against HyMeAir, the invention and the inventor, in which they attempt to verify each other’s opinions and perhaps attempt to defame HyMeAir, the invention and the inventor.

In our new global Internet age, there are now also many people who like to have their say, criticise and question everything between heaven and earth. Of course, many of these people will criticise everything to do with this technology, the invention, the inventor and HyMeAir, regardless of whether they have factual or serious reasons.

Factual critical examination is a prerequisite for all development.

HyMeAir will therefore gratefully accept all critical examination. In particular criticism with substance and context, criticism that may help HyMeAir to make the project a success for everyone, our children and our future – and not least of all a better life for our critics.

Regardless of this, and regardless of critical comments, it would be extremely foolish, absolute madness, not to make use of such an amazing opportunity as that represented by air, wind, nanotechnology, hydrogen, and methane gas storage. The reward will be a totally new, very bright and hopeful future for everyone in the world.

If HyMeAir had not presented the invention, sooner or later Nano Towers would inevitably still have been invented. But now time is tight, cheap oil and gas will soon be running out.

Albert Einstein: “Simplicity is the root of all genius. Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

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