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HyMeAir AB is an abbreviation/compression of Hydrogen, Methane and Air.                                                                                                                                                                              HyMeAir AB has tried to answer possible questions, to write in a simple way, to avoid exponential figures, complicated mathematical concepts and formulas, so that most people will be able to do the sums themselves and understand. In our examples we refer to energy, even though power would sometimes be the correct term. Many of the figures quoted and examples cited in this report are approximate, estimated and rounded off. Much of the data at macro level is simply impossible to determine; this and other data are included in order to provide a general indication of approximate amounts. In some cases HyMeAir has used examples and statistics from Sweden, as HyMeAir is a Swedish company, but only used reasonably representative figures for the world. Examples concerning, for example, the mass production of graphene, the separation of carbon dioxide during combustion, and other technologies, prices, etc. are based on the latest research findings presented to the public. HyMeAir has used the terms patent application and PCT application in the text. The PCT application that HyMeAir is managing is not a simple patent application. A PCT application is tested and examined for patentability in the same way as a patent application (, and it provides the same protection as a patent application filed in terms of the patent application date in 148 countries. Once a PCT application has been filed, however, applications for individual patents must be filed in each of the 148 countries within approximately 2.5 years from the filing date in order to maintain the protection of the patent application/priority date. Different countries can sometimes have different interpretations than international PCT. HyMeAir is naturally also unable to guarantee that the PCT application and the subsequent individual patent applications in 148 countries will result in patents. Our internal examinations of patentability and those though patent agencies* have, however, indicated that the invention and HyMeAir technology have never been used or published before. HyMeAir cannot at present find any indication that this technology would represent any ethical or other problems. HyMeAir is naturally unable to guarantee the level of efficiency of energy extraction via air, wind, methane, hydrogen or whatever form the invention will ultimately take. You and others either now or later, make any claim against Claes Persson, HyMeAir AB. HyMeAir AB is currently a Swedish company and Swedish law shall therefore be applied. HyMeAir is not responsible for any printing, calculation or editing errors. *Among many other papers, the following patent and PCT documentation relating to graphene technology and nanotechnology has been highlighted during HyMeAir’s internal examination. None of these contain the basis of this invention, an invention that makes use of the energy in the air and wind in a new way by making use of the air’s methane and hydrogen content, the wind’s/air’s secondary energy, by filtering the air through one or more nano filters, thus not primarily using only the power in the wind energy, the energy used, for example, to power windmills and yachts: CN 103 367 773 A, WO 2016/042309 A1, Ghenadii Korotcenkom Handbook of Gas Sensor Materials: Properties, WO 2014/009721 A1 Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells LTD, MINMIN LIU ET AL “Graphene-Supported Nanoelectrocatalysts for Fuel Cells”, ARICO A S ET AL Influence of the acid-base characteristics of inorganic filler on the high temperature performance of composite membranes in direct methanol fuel cells, plus other patents and papers.

Tryckfrihetsförordningen § 5 och 6: Denna skrift är även mångfaldigad och spridd I stor upplaga via fotokopia som utdelats fysisk av Claes Persson, tryckort Stockholm, 2016

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