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Wind turbines, solar cells and wood burning will not save the world. These types of energy are utopian. People realised this way back in the Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages, before the age of oil. This was a time of misery, when people died like flies of hunger, poverty, disease and other ills.

Many – usually wealthy – romantics hark back to the windmills and organic food of the Middle Ages. At that time our earth could not even sustain 0, 5 billion people. The truth be told, romantics and prophets of doom do not seem to care too much about the billions of vulnerable, poor people in the world, or the world’s wishes and hopes for a bright future.

The basis of our survival is energy, access to the oxygen in the air and clean water, as well as carbon dioxide so that the plant kingdom can survive.

All seven billion of us human beings need a very great deal of energy to survive, incredible amounts, and even more energy if we are to have a good quality of life.

Energy is indestructible and available in vast amounts. There is no shortage of energy, all we need to do is to make use of this energy and convert it into energy that we can use. Ordinary air contains all the energy we need.

We can forget those minimal levels of energy we can extract from wind turbines, solar cells or wood-burning. We need totally different, far bigger energy sources than wind farms, solar energy or wood-burning can offer us.

An example: Swedish energy production/consumtion per person in 2015 was in average 55,000 kWh. Swedish wind farms generated at average of 5,000,000 kWh per year. One wind turbine generates no more energy than that consumed by 90 people in Sweden.

As Sweden has ten million inhabitants, the country would need 110,000 + 40,000 backup = 150,000 wind turbines to provide the energy that Sweden consumes. Sweden currently has just over 3,000 wind turbines, which only supply approximately 3 % of Sweden’s energy needs.

The cost of building 150,000 wind turbines would be much higher than Sweden’s GDP, added to which are the very high costs of operation and maintenance over 20–25 years, the useful life of the wind turbines. To replace all of these wind turbines, which would wear out after 20–25 years, Sweden would then have to build 6,000–7,500 new wind turbines every year, forever and ever.

Building wind turbines to provide the world’s energy source would cost, at an estimate, as much as global GDP for five years, an incredible USD 375,000 billion, plus at least USD 15,000 billion every year in perpetuity. Operation and maintenance would also cost USD 9,000 billion every year.

Why has no climate scientist, “romanticist” or prophet of doom told you about these simple facts, that we would need to build around 75 million wind turbines at a cost of USD 375,000 billion, and would then face an ongoing construction cost of USD 15,000 billion every year in order to meet the world’s energy needs? Why does the UN not want to tell you these obvious facts?

Wind blowing through windmills, sun shining on solar cells and wood-burning are not enough; people already knew the harsh truth about this back in the Middle Ages.

Normal air, however, contains all the energy that we humans, plants and all the animals in the world need: oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen.

A new invention was needed to make use of this vast amount of energy. HyMeAir now presents the new, patent-pending invention, Nano Towers.

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