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This is the cheapest investment (risk) ever to become one of the world´s richest companies. A new renewable energy source will give the world virtually free clean energy. Nano Towers, which simply filter and store all the energy that air contains. Do you take the chance to be outside?

We are all aware that easily accessible and cheap oil from Saudi and other oil fields, gas and even cheap coal, will run out within 15-30 years, meanwhile the world population will have grown to 10 billion, + 40 %. Energy prices might quadruple and happen faster than we think. Close to half of the world’s GDP might soon consist of energy costs. We will all be poor and create conflicts and war.

Forget about climate change they do not perform our immediate danger. Energy prices will be deadly. Wind turbines, solar and nuclear energy will not be able to replace the major energy sources because of the high costs. We can already see that they have started reaching their maximum efficiency.

The solution is very simple; the world must find a brand new huge energy source, which can provide cheap and clean energy.

All the energy the world needs could be found within the air we breathe. Hydrogen and methane are two gases that exist within the air and are easy to free from emissions. Extracting these two gases from the air would cost an estimate of 0.001 USD per kWh with the use of our technology, Nano Towers. The invention has been scientifically and technically evaluated by experts in chemistry / atomic / molecular physics; Nano Towers, prototypes, can be tested immediately. The patent application course need extended with technology that is already relatively well known, or within reach. 15 years ago was considered graphene to be impossible, the University of Glasgow has recently reduced manufacturing costs to only USD 1 per m2. Everything is possible and nowadays, it is fast. We are aware that it will take a couple of years before “Nano Towers” can be released for serial production of clean energy.

However we predict that within 5-10 years “Nano Towers” will have replaced all other energy sources in the world. History always repeats itself – very, very soon, all the conditions have changed.

HyMeAir is seeking a few two percent partners.

These potential partners can be companies, researchers, organizations, governments, supranational organizations and investors who want to take part in the research and potential successes.

We understands that most stakeholders are involved in the current energy development, but are willing to spread their risk by taking part of the revolutionary technology advancements HyMeAir can offer.

We look forward to start a dialog with your company and to the prospect of a business partnership.

Late news: ”Nano Towers” for households and apartment buildings. Since only one square meter captures several hundred million cubic meters of air per year are some companies interested in building small plants and plants on the roof of the apartment block. HyMeAirs calculations show, after have solved the security problem, that small towers or facilities located on the roof of apartments probably can produce energy at a cost of less 0.01 USD per kWh. Outside or inside?

HyMeAir, CEO Claes Persson, is now seeking contact with parties who are interested to develop and take part of the energies of 2020s, and the elimination of greenhouse gases. In relation to what you can win are the economic stakes, investments, in this context, almost negligible.

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