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The world’s GDP is only USD 75,000 billion per year. Why does it cost such an incredible amount to convert to wind energy and solar energy – USD 375,000 billion?

In the fairly short term it is quite simply necessary to invest in new, large-scale energy sources. Not only do oil, gas and coal cause pollution during their extraction and combustion, but the mass extraction of fossil gas and oil has gradually declined.

Many romanticists fantasise and believe that “renewable energy”, wind turbines and solar cells can replace fossil fuels.

The fact is that at present wind energy and solar energy account for only 1.5% of the world’s energy. Fossil fuels account for almost 85%. The growth rate of “renewable energy” is essentially standing almost still, it is too expensive. The “propaganda” issued by the UN, climate scientists and the mass media can sadly be seen as “empty vessels making the most noise”.

Despite reports from scientists and others, the volume of fossil fuels being used is rising a great deal year on year, far more quickly than wind energy and solar energy.

To produce the vast amount of energy that we are now consuming, and that we will soon be needing for ten billion people in 2045, who will of course also need toilets, cars, food, homes and clean water – we must find a new energy source.

The harsh truth about claims that “renewable” energy from wind farms and solar energy will meet our enormous energy needs in 2045 is pie in the sky; you can easily work it out for yourself.

The world’s GDP is around USD 75,000 billion per year.

We know that wind energy and solar energy cannot be stored; they must be used immediately. This means that if we invest in wind and solar energy we must build backup power, as well as a significantly more complicated backup grid in order to cover the deficit at all places that are without wind and/or in darkness. All of this will be incredibly expensive.

As wind farms and solar power plants cost more or less the same to build, operate and maintain (solar power plants are more expensive than wind farms), HyMeAir will use a wind turbine here as an example.

A wind turbine costs at least USD 7 500 000 (up to USD 35,000,000 each) to build and scrap, and at least USD 150,000 per year to operate and maintain during the wind turbine’s entire useful life of up to 20–25 years.

A wind turbine generates 5,000,000 kWh per year. Operation and maintenance cost an average of at least USD 0.03 per kWh. (Swedish and other statistics from 2015.)

The truth is therefore that we would need around 75 million new wind turbines, of which at least 25 million for backup and to cover areas where there is no wind, at a cost of around USD 375,000 billion in order to replace all other energy sources. This is five times more than the entire world’s GDP. (GDP is everything that everyone in the world produces over one years!) These wind turbines would also cost at least USD 9,000 billion per year to operate and maintain, which is about 12% per year of the world’s current GDP.

If we start to build these 75 million wind turbines from the year 2020 until 2045, the construction of 3,000,000 wind turbines each year would cost at least USD 15,000 billion per year = 20% of the world’s GDP.

Wind turbines have a useful life of only 20 years. We would therefore have to start again in 2045 to build 3,000,000–4,000,000 new wind turbines a year, in perpetuity.

Construction plus operation, maintenance and expansion of the grid would cost a total of at least USD 24,000 billion per year, around 32% of the world’s GDP.

At present we pay around USD 10,000 billion for our raw energy every year, around 13% of the world’s GDP.

In other words, wind farms and/or solar energy would result in a reduction in purchasing power for you and the world as a whole of at least 20% per year.

And of course at least 20% less healthcare, education, roads, environmental protection etc., every year.

This 20% drop in your own and everyone else’s purchasing power, and all other welfare, must take place now, immediately, if we are to meet our energy needs in 2045 without the help of fossil fuels and uranium. Everyone surely understands that this is not realistic.

Isn’t it rather strange that scientists, the UN and climate conferences have not made people aware of this fairly simple, cold, hard fact – that “renewable energy” will immediately make us very much poorer and socially destitute?

It is also difficult to understand that people in general, including scientists, have in only a few short years managed to establish a term such as “renewable energy”. Energy is never “renewable”, energy is indestructible, energy can only be converted.

Of course, any impending extreme poverty would also bring geopolitical problems, triggering crises, social unrest, increased refugee movements and many more wars.

We must stop “dreaming” about wind farms and solar energy. We must take drastic action. We must quite simply find a new, incredibly large energy source.

HyMeAir now presents an ingenious invention, making use of the power of the wind, but also and above all, the content of the air, the methane and hydrogen that are contained in normal air, by letting the wind blow against one or more different nano filters in large towers, Nano Towers, using them to filter the hydrogen and methane out of the air. This will now be our only feasible opportunity and our only credible chance to generate the vast amounts of energy we actually need.

Making use of the energy in the wind, but also making use of the energy content in the air, the secondary power, is something new; not just making use of the very limited external primary power in the wind, the limited amount of energy now used to power wind farms and yachts.

This invention will also reduce the world’s energy costs to only a few per cent of the current average price of energy. In the best case it could give us all virtually free energy.

Just imagine it, with a “wave of a wand” you have a major boost to your purchasing power and significantly enhanced social welfare. Imagine, the price of filling your car in an environment-friendly way might only be one or two dollars within a few years.

And this invention could into the bargain provide us with clean energy, eliminate the climate threat, give us a far better environment, clean water and eradicate extreme poverty.

The invention will also give us extra gas energy that can be stored for use just when you need it, e.g. electricity or fuel for cars. This is something that cannot be delivered by those very expensive types of energy from solar cells or wind farms.

“Everyone” is saying that battery technology is developing at lightning speed? Everything is relative. The truth is that it takes one hundred one-kilo batteries to store about the same amount of energy found in one single kilo of coal.

The world would have to be filled with batteries to cope with storing the incredible volumes of energy the world consumes – if we invest in wind farms and solar cells.

If we now really believe in all seriousness that we want mankind to survive, in a reasonable, decent and humane way, we must start looking at the world and seeing the facts for what they actually are.

We must quite simply start telling the truth, presenting more accurate figures about our energy consumption, our potential energy sources and consequences.

It is actually quite simple to calculate the approximate truth. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, you can read about it in this, HyMeAirs presentation.

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