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The world faces two enormous threats! Climate Change, but the huge danger before humanity is the Energy Threat.

A new, huge, clean and cheap source of energy, has now been claimed.
This new energy source will likely replace all other energy sources and give us all the energy we need, the energy that also becomes ”almost free” and clean.

Although many today have it good, people start getting anxious. Deep down we know that prosperity will soon run out. The decline has begun. GDP and per capita income, fell between 2014 to 2015 by 6.8%, according to the World Bank and OECD, GDP per capita, current USD. To not too intimidated, one seems now to have started using other calculation, then the original USD related. ”Alternative models” (PPP), which shows the ”growth.”

Paris Agreement, an incantation, phrases, words and sentences that are now widely believed to possess ”magical power”! The Paris Agreement is an unimaginable ”agreement.” How can 50,000 world leaders, scientists, and the media, led by the UN, meet to bring the world a incantation: ”a maximum of 2-degree temperature increase”?

Not a word in the ”Paris Agreement” about the technology to be used to avoid catastrophic damage to society?

The following simple curve reflects three conditions: population growth, energy, and revenue:

  1. In addition to showing the approximate population increase, the curve shows the time when fossil oil, gas and coal ”discovered” was cheap and available in huge quantities. Edwin Drake ”found” the ”oil wells” in 1859. Alfred Nobel invented the dynamite, which meant significantly more efficient coal production. Cheap energy became public property.
  2. The curve also shows that people’s incomes have increased synchronously with the growing availability of fossil fuels. Before the ”discovery” of large amounts of fossil fuels, the main energy sources were wood, windmills, solar rays, as well as animal and human muscle power. Before 1859, virtually all were poor people. For most, life went on in trying to get food for the day. Life expectancy was half of what it is today. After the ”discovery” of cheap fossil energy people became richer every year they are on an average about 20 times richer today compared to 1859, despite a six-fold global population rise. However, there are just as many extremely poor people today as in 1859.



Consumers Energy costs are now 13% of world GDP. Within 30 years, energy costs would rice four times to 50% of GDP. We will be poor. That will inevitably create conflicts, refugees and war.

Fossil fuels will never end, but we know with certainty that the major oil fields, those that contain incredibly cheap oil and gas, for example, in Saudi Arabia, will be exhausted within 10-30 years. In 2016, oil prices were temporarily very low, USD 30–40 per barrel. Norwegian oil, US fracking oil, and others became unprofitable to produce. But the extraction of cheap fossil fuels is steadily increasing, with 2015 setting a new record. Oil, coal, and gas accounted in 2015 for 86% of world energy, expensive, highly subsidized, the wind, and solar power accounted for about 1%.

People emits 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year. Apparently, this will affect the climate. To build, operate and scrap, wind turbines, solar cells, and batteries it, unfortunately requires vast amounts of cheap fossil energy, often more energy than these energy sources can produce in their lifetime. This kind of energy sources is not a solution.

Industry, ideologues, politicians and the media are trying to hide reality, not to scare people, and make money. Without the direct and indirect subsidies, certificates, allowances, governing taxes in myriad forms, the wind and solar energy will not exist. The wind, solar, bio-energy, and batteries, ”renewable and sustainable energy,” is ”Orwellian newspeak”. That is fictional ”fairytales” launched by the ideologues, politicians, and media, supported by highly subsidized wind, solar, biomass and battery industries, to give people a false ”hope for the future.” We also know that the world’s population will soon increase by 50%.

Billions of people will compete with you for the reduced access to food, clean water, housing, heating, transport, and gadgets.

Many jobs? Ideologues, politicians, and industry rejoice and say:

”Renewable and sustainable energy, solar power, wind turbines, biofuels, and batteries giving us lots of new jobs!”

Disastrous! That we need more and more people to be able to produce minimal amounts of energy – biomass, wind, solar and batteries, means that all of us will soon become poor at a furious pace. Poverty will constantly be reinforced by the explosive population growth.

The growth ceases, the decline comes quickly. The truth is that growth, founded on the ever-increasing availability of cheap fossil energy, a means that make us richer and richer over the past 160 years, is now about to be broken. Cheap fossil energy is about to run out soon. Already, in a few years, we will be significantly poorer every passing year. The growth curve has now peaked and will quickly turn straight down. Energy will be much more expensive, which means that net revenues will decrease, our costs will increase, dramatically, while also the world population grows by many billions.

Naturally, climate change will eventually become very problematic. A lot of people have to move or adjust their lives to new conditions. That is what people have always done, for various reasons.

A much larger, catastrophic and nearby danger, however, is that we all, year after year, will become poorer due to lower and more expensive energy and water resources. Within a few years, this will create even greater conflict and war between states and people. That has already begun, massive refugee flow. Individual people and states will soon start fighting over the dwindling and increasingly expensive energy resources and decreasing water resources.

How do you think we should be able to avoid a future world war? By using more energy to build some more subsidized solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries?

BP 2015 Statistics: Coal, oil, and gas 86%, hydroelectric and nuclear 11%, ”renewable” wood 2%, wind power and solar 1%.

There is not much time. The only way to avoid the coming disaster, poverty, and conflict,

to quickly try and find a new, vast, cheap, and relatively clean source of energy.

There are two huge sources: bowels of the earth and the atmosphere.

Both contain almost infinite amounts of relatively clean energy.

Geothermal energy: Hot water and steam form. a well-proven technology. Nowadays, one can drill more than 5000-meter deep holes. Producing geothermal energy is very expensive, with the thin boreholes providing limited amounts of energy.

The atmosphere: Contains energy gasses hydrogen and methane, but in small amounts, while there are massive amounts of air with, all energy we need. How do we take care of these energy gasses?

At last, an innovation that provides unlimited access to cheap energy.

As the energy gasses, hydrogen and methane, have the smallest molecules: they can be ”strained out” from the air. Oxygen, nitrogen, and other bigger molecules will not pass through the filter. For some years now, there is a graphene filters, which can filter these small molecules. We need an energy source. The power of the wind is free. In many places there is an average wind of 10 m/s. If you let the wind blow against a graphene filter and gather the hydrogen and methane gas that passes through the filter into a container behind the filter, you get access to these energy gases. Energy gas is easy to burn and to convert, for example, to heat and electricity. It is a scientific fact that the atmosphere contains so much energy gases, that they can replace all of the world’s energy sources. The cost of this gas energy can be estimated at less than a ten percent of the current production cost of energy. You and everyone in the world will then get a better economy than ever.

The same filtering technique can also be used to purify the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, to cheaply and quickly eliminate the threat of climate change, forever, even if we continue to burn fossil substances.

Air/wind/graphene filter will create a bright world full of hope for the future.

The newly introduced, but de facto medieval kind of inefficient energy sources-wood, windmills and sun rays-could soon destroy your, your children’s lives, and the future of the world. Air/wind/ graphene filter saves your and your children’s lives and changes the world for mankind in a significantly positive way.

  1. Energy costs will be significantly reduced for all people.
  2. Through a clever introduction, for example, in my proposal, the world can once and for all eliminate severe poverty. The reallocation of money will not affect anyone but will benefit all who need support.
  3. The world’s atmosphere will not be disturbed by massive human climate gas emissions.
  4. All countries in the world can begin to produce their energy, thereby eliminating conflicts and wars over energy resources and water, the traditional battlegrounds.
  5. The international community can take the decision to reduce the existing atmospheric greenhouse gasses, to a decided ppm value.
  6. Energy will become so cheap that the world can afford to multiply the use of energy to implement enormous projects, provide clean water to all, improve the environment, and fulfill the need for toilets and sanitation, as well as improve in general the social conditions of the world’s children and adults.

Energy filter technology is a simple process that has been applied in 128 countries *.
The only thing that remains is to try out the appropriate graphene filter and customize the technology. HyMeAir has now begun a collaboration with a professor, a foremost specialist in graphene filter at the KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, to quickly give you and the whole world a bright, clean future **.

*     HyMeAir will give away shares in HyMeAir to suitable companies, however, with a requirement that they invest in the development of ”Nano Towers.” The patent gives them a chance to recoup their investment, which will accelerate their expansion to save the world.

**   Our future is of course much more important than the individuals and/or organizations, ideological and/or selfish ulterior motives. If you have comments or constructive criticism on the above arguments, you are welcome to inform me. The breeding ground for all science and active development is a critical examination and the good will to do an even better job tomorrow.

Note: Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) is one of Sweden’s biggest

newspapers. Vattenfall is a Swedish state energy company:

SvD July 22, 2016, Vattenfall CEO: ”The price of electricity is not an incentive to invest, without the incentives that supports renewable energy sources”.

SvD Sep 12, 2016, Vattenfall CEO: ”Vattenfall saw total investment in Swedish wind power.”

Energy Agency: ”production costs of wind power in Sweden is the lowest in Europe. But despite this, be warned that wind farms that are only a few years old can be dismantled.”

SvD January 28, 2017, The Swedish wind energy industry: ”Destroyed close for wind power.”

SvD February 8, 2017, Swedish airlines: “biofuels is usually between 4–9 times more expensive than regular kerosene.” Energy Agency: ”This is a result of renewable fuels, for cars are tax-exempt. Even though renewable fuels are more expensive to produce, can they then compete in price with the heavily taxed fossil fuel.”

Vattenfall CEO: ”another smash minus 26 billion” for Vattenfall”, ”investment in green energy production, as the government imposed, cost the company so far more than they taste.”

Swedish national: Council and Findings, Feb 2016, Solar cell test: ”25 of 38 solar cell panels systems from

different suppliers already defected/broken on delivery.”

The whole world is now a hornet’s nest of various support to the ”spell” of ”renewable energy.”
Type of energy that is not all that ”renewable or sustainable,” see IVA, Swedish Academy of Engineering report of construction sites.

Direct and indirect subsidies, certificates, allowances, amounts of targeted taxes act as a type of carrot and stick. Added to this are the psychological impacts created by uncritical media, green ideologues, ”good green organizations,” politicians and the lightning-fast growing ”renewable and sustainable” industrial sector, which today lives on contributions and support in an infinite number of forms. No one is any longer capable of sorting out the consequences: the degree of complexity is tremendous.

We urgently need to focus our entire power to extract atmospheric energy gasses.
After my research on climate change, ”sustainable and renewable energy,” energy and subsidies, I saw 50,000 scientists, political leaders, and the media gathered in Paris and, in all seriousness, sign a ”contract” for an ”exorcism” of, ”no more than a 2-degree temperature increase.” I then realized that I must quickly do my best to try to save my family and people around the world.

The world and your friends need your support, therefore, spread this information to all your friends.

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