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Risks and challenges

HyMeAir can’t guarantee how effective Nano Towers will be. It’s well known that Nano filtration works excellent when cleaning water from unwanted molecules, in spite that filtering water is much more difficult than filtering air, water is 770 times heavier than air. It should not be any difference to filter out wanted molecules that we wish to keep, hydrogen and methane from the air. By this remark about water filtration it’s most likely that Nano Towers will solve the upcoming energy crises and the man-made climate change (CO2) by using blowing wind and air filtration. Your gift and support will be used to organize the initial process of building efficient Nano Towers prototypes to save the world from our upcoming energy crises and eliminate the man-made climate change. Our thanks to you and our “Diploma” will be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks after the Kickstarter campaign has finished.

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