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Nature, water, animals, millions of people and children, now hit by climate change. Latest news: The whole World’s, and Your Company’s dream has come true. Carbon dioxide-free air! No one needs to worry about fossil energy, anymore. New outstanding CCS technology.

Climate change and sustainable solutions.

The UN has established that climate change is due to human actions resulting in the emission of greenhouse gases. The burning of fossil fuels has resulted in steep increase in the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The atmospheric carbon dioxide level has increased from about 320ppm since 1970 to over 400ppm, and is rising by 2ppm . The sharp rise in population is only going to compound the problem.

Now, fossil fuels are not renewable and nor are they sustainable options.

Greener alternatives like solar or wind power are much more expensive. Also, they can even use up larger amounts of cheap fossil energy when to be built, operate and scrapped, than the energy they can produce during their lifetime.

The world’s only hope is to quickly find a new, huge, cheap, clean source of energy.

We also need a method to filter out the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide from the air so that the threat of climate change can be eliminated while using traditional energy sources.

An innovation from HyMeAir, which can handle both processes, is today the only way to save the world.

Graphene filter, made of carbon atoms, is the crux of this technology. With the help of the wind power, this filter separates from the ambient air, the gas molecules we want to take care of. A research team led by a graphene filter expert, a professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is now working on the refinement and completion next phase of this project. We have managed to separate hydrogen, the smallest molecule in existence, from the air. The tests were very simplified, not scientifically conducted. The method needs more scientific testing before launch.

The carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide molecules are much larger. Therefore, it is a simpler process to separate them by using a graphene filter trap. Soon, we can use this technology to reduce the greenhouse gasses to the level deemed appropriate by the Paris Agreement of the United Nations. That will save the world from the perils of global climate change.

Carbon capture and store (CCS), is well-known but so far very inefficient and expensive technique.

CCS consists of three main parts: the capture, transportation, and storage of carbon dioxide.

  1. Contemporary technology to capture carbon dioxide is expensive, complicated, and energy-consuming, as well as being low on efficiency.
  2. Today, the carbon dioxide is captured at any plant’s chimney. That involves the transportation of the carbon dioxide over very long distances to the storage site.

Carrying large amounts of gas is very expensive, regardless of transportation technologies.

  1. There are many ways to care for and store the captured carbon dioxide nowadays. Storage is the simplest and cheapest part of the process.

The biggest problem with today’s CCS technologies is that it requires all industrial facilities to have a CCS plant on site, and for the plant to have pipelines or other methods of shipment to reach the storage site. This is extremely expensive and captures only a small fraction of the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide that humans generate.

HyMeAir can solve problems and cut costs to a fraction, With the HyMeAir technology,

we can take all the disposable carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide out of the air.

A single, small area, like a small island, is sufficient for the HyMeAir technology to eliminate all the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide the world wants to get rid of.

A fully functional facility can allow us to use fossil fuels without increasing the levels the atmospheric carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide levels. These greenhouse gasses can be captured by the filter trap. We can also quickly, and very cheaply, reduce the parts per million (ppm) measure of the atmospheric concentration of the greenhouse gasses to a ppm-level deemed acceptable by the UN.

This brings to life a dream for the producers of fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal. This is a dream shared by all other industries like steel, automotive, cement, aviation, agriculture etc, which are currently dependent on fossils. How is this possible?

Here is the simple math:

Two million cubic meters of air contains about one ton of carbon dioxide.

Human activities emit about 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year.

We need to capture and filter 80 million billion cubic meters of air every year to process all the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide that humans emit.

Example: Given an average wind speed of 10 meters per second, receives a square meter area 315 million cubic meters of air every year. Assuming a possible and feasible efficiency of 50%, we need a filter, Nano Towers, with an active filter area of 500 million square meters.

How can such a large filter be built? What will it look like?

The easiest way is, of course, to build a round tower. Round towers will always receive all wind, no matter which direction the wind is blowing from. HyMeAir has named this type of graphene filter tower, Nano Towers. For example: One Nano Towers with a diameter of 30,000 meters and a height of 200 meters has a total filter area of approximately 1.4 billion square meters and an active filter area of almost half, i.e., 700 million square meters, wherever the wind is blowing. A single Nano Towers of this size can capture, with a carbon trap, all the 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide that humans produce each year. The carbon dioxide is then pumped immediately into the Crust of the Earth for final disposal. Such a Nano Towers have excess capacity, to process even more carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide than we emit. We can thus reduce the proportion of the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide that are already in our atmosphere. For the sake of safety and efficiency, it may be better to build several smaller Nano Towers in different parts of the world, than a single one.

The combined active filter area has to be 700 million square meters. There are already many known, easy, and cheap techniques of storing carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

How to capture the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide in a Nano Tower?

Simplified: Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, both have molecular mass 44. Nitrogen has 28 and oxygen 32. To capture 44 (carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide), two graphene filters of different sizes are needed. The larger filter, 45 hole size, block all larger molecules and transmit molecules with mass less than 45 through the filter. That would include nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. The second, smaller filter, will block molecules with a mass larger than 43. All molecules in size 43 or smaller, which represents 99% of air, blowing at full strength right through the second filter. All carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide 44, will be captured, trapped in a container between the two filters.

These greenhouse gasses can then be pumped straight into bedrock for permanent storage.

With this simple Nano Towers carbon trap, we can continue using oil, gas, and coal without any risk of harmful emission of greenhouse gasses. Thus, it is a very simple, fast, and inexpensive way to save the world from climate change.

What are the costs involved?

The IMF has estimated that all costs, such as support for wind power, solar power, biofuels and batteries, indirect and direct subsidies, certificates, allowances, numerous targeted punitive taxes on fossil energy and carbon footprint, and climate change itself, amounted to $5,600 billion in 2014. The costs are obviously much higher today, estimated to be more than $7,000 billion (an average of $1,000 per year per person in the world.) Example: A wind turbine cost about $15 million to build, operate, and scrap. One wind turbine produces only about 100 million kWh of energy during its short lifespan. (Swedish statistic 2015).

To produce all energy the world needs, it would take about 50 million wind turbines at a cost of about $750 000 billion. We would also have to build 2.5 million new ones every year, at the expense of nearly $40,000 billion per year because the lifespan of a wind turbine is only 20 years.

By contrast, Nano Towers can be built with more ease, less expense, and a longer lifespan. Nano Towers is constructed by a circle of cheap framework piles (e.g., like building cranes).

Such construction technology is stable, cheap, easy, and consumes significantly less building materials. A Nano Towers building consists primarily of a single ring of piles with a covering surface layer (e.g. fiberglass) and adapted graphene filter. The space inside this circle building can be used for intermediate storage of carbon dioxide. The University of Glasgow has found a method that reduced the price of graphene filter to about one dollar per square meter. Graphene manufacturers such as the Swedish companies 2D Fab, Talga Resources and others, are predicting very low prices. Since graphene filter is a new material, one can expect that the price of large volumes shortly will be around 10 cents (US cents) per square meter.

The cost of eliminating the threat of climate change is completely negligible, estimated to only 5 per thousand of today’s climate costs.

The approximate investment cost to build a few Nano Towers that take care of all the world’s emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide estimated to between $20-40 billion.

The operation and storage costs would amount to the same figure. That is, in fact, less than 1% of the sales of the oil, gas, and coal companies around the globe.

The sales figures for these enterprises amount to $4,000 billion annually, on an average.

Given that oil prices regularly fluctuates between $30 and $120 per barrel, it is easy to understand that a charge of 1% ($20-40 billion per year) is entirely negligible for the producers of fossil fuel energy.

Add to that the costs of transport, processing and practical use of fossil fuels, the total consumer energy costs come to about $10,000 billion net per year. That is not enough. Factor in the climate costs and the enormous support and subsidy costs for extremely expensive, renewable energy such as wind power, solar power, biofuels and batteries, which today, according to the IMF, amounts to $7,000 billion annually.

A figure of $20-40 billion, therefore, represents only about 0.5% of the world’s climate costs.

By eliminating all the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide we want to get rid of, we can continue to use fossil fuels without risk, we save all subsidies and eliminate all other costs of climate change. We can also stop spending resources on expensive and inefficient wind turbines, solar cells, biofuels, and batteries. According to the IMF figures, we can save $7,000 billion per year. That translates to $1,000 per year, per person. A poor family with two children would, for example, be able to get a net gain of $4,000 per year.

How do we get started, and who pays?

As most people know, companies pay practically no taxes or fees. In the end, it is almost always the end consumer who pays the companies costs through higher prices.

The easiest and most convenient way to kick-start construction of the Nano Towers is to allow all the producers of oil, gas, and coal to pay 1% of their sales/billing to a UN-supervised international ”Nano Towers” conglomerate.

Some competing companies may build and operate Nano Towers. The fossil fuel energy producers are the biggest winners, so they will possibly not oppose. The price of fossil energy would obviously rise by 1%. The cost will be borne by the consumers, but they will stand to gain $1,000 per year, as all the IMF-projected climate costs get eliminated.

That will bring economic benefit and climatic benefit to all people. Urgent action is needed. Climate change already has an adverse impact on nature and all living beings.

Every day’s delay creates new disasters.

Many are trying with more or less desperate projects.

The Swedish government, for example, supports a project until 2035! That project attempts to produce hydrogen using only very expensive ”renewable and sustainable energy.”

There are already several methods to generate hydrogen. Today, we use cheap, fossil-based energy, to produce hydrogen. But even though today’s fossil energy is cheap, the hydrogen production is so extremely expensive that it must be highly subsidized.

That can give an idea of the costs of producing with the use of the three- to nine-times more expensive, ”renewable, and sustainable,” the wind, solar power, biofuels, and batteries.

Most of the today’s research related to climate, focus on unrealistic projects.

There is almost always a small ”but” in virtually every scientific report published, which prevents an industrial functional process. Many of the researchers just want to get fat government grants, a piece of all the trillion dollars that wait to be utilized each year.

A few people are handing out trillions of tax dollars to a few others.

That have, of course, opened a new ”industrial sector”, a large friendship-corruption. That is an entire swamp, a nasty abscess that is now spreading lightning fast across the world.

Arriving at a workable solution.

The reason why I, after years of work, managed to find a realistic solution that can save the world, was due to the increasing anxiety I experienced during my previous three years of research on climate change. I encountered the green charlatans, all the fantasies of ”renewable and sustainable energy” through wind power, biomass, solar power, and batteries, as well as the world’s energy problems. These problems have, in the last decade, developed into a terrifying global mess of subsidies, taxes, fabrications, and lies.

This is a complex web that nobody is capable of investigating, control, or identify.

My primary motivation was not to enrich myself. I felt compelled to try and find a new, better method than the medieval technology of solar, wood and wind power. It was the only way to try to save the world and its people, including myself. HyMeAir has now applied for a patent, a technique (several variations) that can quickly save humanity.

Nature, animals, and thousands of people and children are affected by climate change.

People are suffering and dying every day as we continue with today’s destructive behavior and medieval energy technologies. Many just follow the trend? Many may not sincerely care about their children’s lives? Many may pin their faith on the so-called environmental and climate organizations, or believe in charlatans and cults? Many people do not critically evaluate information and the media reports. Instead, they let themselves to be deceived, thus contributing to the destruction of the world? That is a serious problem, but it is not too late to change. The threats to the climate and the energy problems are, in reality, very dangerous. Energy and climate problems will likely to trigger more conflicts, war, and refugee crises within a short time. Many are trying to find new methods, but unfortunately, it is mostly about trying to go with ”the flow.” Trying to ”perfecting” medieval technology, ”desperate” trying to harness the wind, solar power, and biofuels (and batteries).The state authorities, including the Swedish state, good green climate organizations, mainstream media, and the UN is trying to keep up with only the latest trends. At least, I have pushed myself to try to do something entirely new. I hope to my life, your life, and our children’s lives and future will be saved. You are likely to suffer, within a few years, if one does nothing.

If you take life seriously – you and your family, and your friends need to act now.

Starting, for example, as I did, to critically examine the media, and all the information that you are daily fed with.

You are of course welcome to criticize HyMeAir, but best of all, tell all your friends about how to save our planet.

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