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Nanotechnology, wind and the air we breathe represent mankind’s only opportunity for salvation.

Graphene, in the form of graphene sheet, was invented in 2002. Graphene researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010. This new material, the strongest material in the world, is a totally new material that has already resulted in a host of new inventions and areas of application. All over the world, thousands of inventors and researchers are already working hard to develop graphene and nanotechnology. Nanotechnology will soon be changing the world.

HyMeAir is now presenting a totally new invention, PCT patent pending in 148 countries, to use Nano Towers to filter out energy-rich hydrogen and methane from normal air when the wind blows. This invention will solve the whole world’s energy requirements and also eliminate the climate threat.

HyMeAir’s project to start building prototype Nano Towers is now looking for supporters.

By making a contribution you will help the inventor and HyMeAir to change your own and your children’s future, and to give people hope and optimism.

A similar kind of filter that filters out harmful microscopic substances from water has already been patented. Inventor Baoxia Mi, Berkeley University, graphene filter Why not take the new nanotechnology a step further and filter out energy-rich hydrogen and methane from the air when the wind blows?

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