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Climate change and energy problems have already begun to afflict humanity, and these will quickly become much worse.

For some 160 years, the exploitation of energy resources oil, gas, and coal has continuously increased. These have been very cheap. But now the energy resources have begun to dwindle and will rapidly become very expensive. The curve has now started to turn downward quickly. Wind and solar energy and batteries provide a little energy, but cost much energy to build, operate and scrap. Medieval energy, solar, wind, and wood-are unfortunately not sustainable solutions.

At the same time, the world’s population is increasing very rapidly, with many billions of young people.

Conflicts, wars, famine and refugees, related to energy, will soon become part of your everyday life.

Also, we release 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. Climate change will, according to UN experts, destroy the entire planet in a few years.

HyMeAir has recently applied for a patent, an ingenious innovation that will be able to avert both these disasters.

Claes Persson, HyMeAir, has founded and operated several companies in several different industries since 1968. The most famous of these was the stock market computer company “Lap Power,” which, for some years in the 1990s, was the fastest-growing in Sweden.

“Lap Power” then became the ”winner” on the Swedish stock markets.

HyMeAir has recently begun a collaboration, led by graphene filter scientists, a highly qualified professor and PhDs at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Already, have many other companies and researchers showed a lot of interest in HyMeAir technology. HyMeAir has, among all others, direct contact with four of the world’s ten largest companies, the CEOs and top management teams, in these enterprises.

Finally, an innovation that gives us unlimited access to cheap, clean energy.

Hydrogen and methane gas are the smallest molecules in air. These can be “strained out” through a customized “sieve.” Now, with new technologies, graphene filters have appeared that can filter these small molecules (“Sizes” 2 and 16).

But this requires a power source. The answer is wind energy. Wind energy is free!

One simply lets the wind blow against a graphene filter that filters out hydrogen gas and methane gas to a large underlying container.

These energy gases can then be burned and converted into heat or electricity.

The air we breathe contains all the energy we need.

The cost of energy can be estimated at less than 10 percent of the current production price.

Energy will then become so cheap that we can eliminate all poverty.

The same filtering technique can also be used to just “strain out” carbon dioxide molecules and nitrous oxide (“Size” 44), thereby precluding any possibility of climate change caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.

Flow chart
It is easy to filter out all the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide (size ”44”) which we want to get rid of, from the atmosphere. The cost of implementing this is marginal, or less than 0.5% of today’s massive costs, USD 7,000 billion per year, the costs today in trying to counter the threat of climate change, according to IMF. All the world’s people would thus be able to get US $ 1,000 more in each of their wallets every year, and the climate threat would be eliminated.

Energy costs would be significantly reduced for all people.


Through the introduction of a clever policy, for example, HyMeAir suggests:

we can also eliminate dire poverty through a simple redistribution of money that does not affect anyone, but benefits all poor people who need support.


The world’s atmosphere will henceforth not be disturbed by massive human gas emissions that cause climate change.


All countries of the world can begin to produce their own energy, thereby eliminating conflicts and wars over energy resources and water, which are the most common conflict fundamentals between countries and people.


The international community can take the decision to reduce the existing atmospheric greenhouse gasses to a predetermined ppm value.


Energy becomes so cheap that the world can afford to take up large, important projects, deliver clean water to all, improve our environment and meet the people’s needs for toilets and sanitation, and reform all social conditions in general.


Next step:
The energy filter process is finished. The patent is currently pending in 128 countries.
The only thing left now is to try out the most appropriate graphene filter and customize the existing constructions.
HyMeAir, in cooperation with specialists, will give my family and yours, and the world, a bright and clean future.


The future is now brighter than ever
If you are interested in the survival of mankind and the future of our world, look at the attached videos and text.

Graphene Filters, permeable enough to hydrogen and methane molecules.
The “Nano Towers” building equipped with graphene filters and gas canisters.


Our future is, of course, much more important than individuals and organizations with any ulterior ideological or economic motives.

If you have comments or constructive criticism, you are most welcome to inform HyMeAir and me. The breeding ground for all science and active development are the task of critical examination and the will to do an even better job tomorrow.

Spread the word, save the world. And send a link to all your friends—immediately.

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