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Briefly, how does Nano Towers work?

The air we breathe contain very small amounts of hydrogen and methane, the smallest air-molecules, but there are huge amounts of air.

In many places the wind blows a lot. They are not uncommon, with an annual average wind speed of at least 10 meters per second.

If we use the existing, very simple and inexpensive technique, builds a very large Nano Towers, so large that the active filtration area is 220,000 square meters, one can capture huge amounts of energy molecules.

With an average wind speed of 10 meters per second and a filtration area of about 220,000 square meters captures a single Nano Towers unimaginable 70,000 billion cubic meters of air per year. In this huge mass of air, there are so many hydrogen and methane molecules that these correspond to just over 1 TWh (1 billion kWh).

Comparative example, a wind turbine produces an average of 5 million kWh per year.

This means that if the Nano Towers would have an efficiency of 100% would one Nano Towers produce as much energy as 200 wind turbines.

A Nano Towers should not cost more to build and scrap than a wind turbine.

A wind turbine has a life time of 20 years. A Nano Towers, which of course do not have many costly moving parts, would have a lifetime of 40 years.

Operation and maintenance of a Nano Towers should not cost more than the operation and maintenance of one or two turbines.

HyMeAir has not counted on a Nano Towers has an efficiency of 100%, HyMeAir calculate that the efficiency is only about 30%, which would provide energy for approximately 300 million kWh per year, equivalent to 60 wind turbines.

Despite the calculated low efficiency of 30%, this would mean that a Nano Towers would produce energy at a cost of about US $ 0.001 per kWh.

Today the absolute lowest prices on the raw energy from hydropower, oil, gas and coal,

is US $ 0.03 per kWh. (When the energy processed it becomes more expensive.)

Wind power is much more expensive, about USD 0, 12 per kWh.

Article in Svenska Dagbladet, one of the biggest Swedish daily newspapers, September 12, 2016, Vattenfall the biggest supplier of energy in Sweden, and one of the biggest in Europe, own by the Swedish state say:

“Vattenfall condemns in total all investment in Swedish wind power”.

Energy produced by Nano Towers would in other words be almost free compared to what we pay for the cheapest energy today and considerably much cheaper than wind turbines and solar energy.

We also know today that today’s very cheap energy from oil fields in Saudi and other cheap energy sources will be exhausted within 15-30 years. At the same time we will be 10 billion.

This sounds fantastic so we do not replace immediately all other energy sources with Nano Towers?
The invention presented via several different message boards recently, July 25, 2016.

Obviously it will take some years before the Nano Towers starts to replace all other energy sources.

Large companies, organizations, governments and others are usually very slow.

Most do not act until it is ”too late”.

HyMeAir is now looking for partners who want to help develop the invention and become the 2020 century ”Winners”, and at the same time save the world.
Development is not likely to be particularly difficult or costly.

Knowledge, technology, construction technology, handling of gases is already capable of solving most of the development of the Nano Towers. University of Glasgow, for example, has already reduced the manufacturing costs of the graphene from US $ 100 to US $ 1 per square meter.

Some parts of the development, however, are of a new type and must be done in practical samples and by the construction of prototypes to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The first experiments regarding wind pressure/force, turbulence, diffusion, osmosis, testing of different types of nano-filters such as different graphene, borofen etcetera will not require particularly large financial efforts.

Simplified information:
Graphene is a 2D material which is structured as a network, a filter, which only consists of a layer of atoms, 10 nanometers thin. Graphene is the strongest material in the world, a material with many unique features that are not yet mapped.

One molecule in the air near the ground surface, collide with other molecules 2 million times per second. At each collision moves the molecule 8-millionth of a centimeter.

Added to this is the amount of hydrogen and methane molecules in the air volume to 10 cubic meters of air per second per square meter contains, at a wind speed of 10 meters per second.

Nano Towers can capture greenhouse gases.
Nano Towers can of course also be built with customized filters to capture carbon dioxide and Nitrogen oxide. These molecules size are about the same.

A few thousand Nano Towers could eliminate all carbon dioxide and Nitrogen oxide we want to get rid of. Efficient storage and conversion technologies are already developed.

There has probably never been presented as a huge opportunity for the future of progressive companies, organizations and states like this – Nano Towers.

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